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in case it hasn’t hit you yet: Tiana is the first Disney Princess from America.

Bitch, please 

I can paint with all the colors of your ignorance

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Elsa Takes Residence at Walt Disney World Castle

From the Celebrate the Magic show at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, featuring Cinderella’s Castle transformed by light into the Castle of Arendelle.

Source: Disney Parks Blog, [here]. Note that the text refers to her as “Princess Elsa.”

(My extended review of Frozen appears [here].)

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Elsa from Frozen is the third Disney vocal role for Idina Menzel. In the television series of Hercules, she was the speaking and singing voice of the sorceress Circe. In Enchanted, she played the live action character Nancy who made a brief cameo as her animated alter ego.


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He wants me to be steady…like the river.”                                                   “But it’s not steady at all! -          (Pocahontas) 

(My dog is just quietly channelling her inner Pocahontas)

He wants me to be steady…like the river.” “But it’s not steady at all! - (Pocahontas)

(My dog is just quietly channelling her inner Pocahontas)

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#jasmine roll is sewed in and smoothed down! I’m pretty happy with it, especially when i picture a big jem I  The center! #cosplayprogress #aladdin #Disney #disneycosplay


#jasmine roll is sewed in and smoothed down! I’m pretty happy with it, especially when i picture a big jem I The center! #cosplayprogress #aladdin #Disney #disneycosplay

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Let me tell you about this couple for a second. I love this movie, and people can say whatever they want about Tangled, THIS is the film that began the Disney Revival.

Anyway, when The Princess and the Frog came out, I was instantly enchanted with it. I was an 18 year old guy (high school student), and I was fanboying all over this movie. It became an instant favorite for me (and my sister, who admittedly didn’t like princess films).

I told all of my friends about the movie, telling them to watch it, and brining it up in conversations (and embarrassing my family members/friends but, whatever).

When my group of friends said that they were going to Disney World and asked if I wanted to come, the first words out of my mouth were “Is Tiana going to be there?”
They said yeah, and I was sold!
The night before the trip I was pretty excited. I was so excited that I even shaved (I wanted to look presentable, I mean, I was meeting royalty!)

So, we go to Disney World, we enjoy the park, I get myself a Disney autograph book and I’m all ready. I stand in line, and frankly, I’m kind of the only boy there. Also, I’m the only other person above the age of twelve. I’m standing in line with a bunch of little girls in princess dresses who are just as excited as I am.

And behind me is this young woman (about the same age as me, and African-American, just like me) and I strike up a conversation with her. We talk about the park, the rides, how Ariel must be jealous that Tiana has such a nice French Quarter set up. I even allowed her to cut in front of me (mainly because I was so nervous, and I wanted to think about what I was going to say when it was my turn.)

Now, all of my friends are on the far side of the Gazebo waiting for me to finish. Close enough so that they can see where I am, and just far enough so that they won’t have to associate with me. Whatever, if they didn’t want to meet Tiana it was there loss.

So, when it was my turn to meet Tiana and Naveen my face (and my friends still tell me this, even to this day) became RED. I could actually feel the blood rushing to my face. The first thing Tiana says is:
“Hi! I’m so glad you came to visit us.”
And I’m so nervous I just smiled back.

I handed Naveen my book, and he says “Hello Prince,” he smiles, and asks “Have you found your princess yet?”

Now, I’m not really looking for a princess, but I just told him “No, not yet.”

And he smiles and says, “That’s alright, there are lots of ways you can find your princess. You could find her slipper. She could lose her voice and you could help her retrieve it, or…you could awaken her from a deep slumber with a kiss.”

He then hands the book to Tiana, and I’m so nervous I can’t speak. I give her a hug, we take a picture and I wave goodbye. As I walk up to my friends, my face is still as red as a tomato.

That was five years ago, and I still remember it very well.

Tiana and Naveen will ALWAYS be important. No matter what anyone says, no matter how Disney tries to hide them, or how the fandom tries to downplay their importance. They will always matter!

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Original textiles inspired by 90s Disney films

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No one ever said babies weren’t cute. 

Seal, Fawn, Owl, Pigglet, Fox-pup, Sloth, Polar bear cub, Bunny and dolphin. (young babies)

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